This Education pack has been devised primarily for the use of high-school teachers and their students. It may also be used by younger students to help their understanding of the story.

This pack has been specifically written for the 2011 production of The Railway Children in Toronto, and includes useful information and commentary from those involved in the production process.

There are four main sections which explore everything from vital background reading and the context of the time in which the story was set and written, to an analysis of the themes and narrative.

Links and resources are provided to accompany the pack and aim to encourage students to interact and engage with the text both in, and beyond the classroom. There are also a number of exercises that have been created in support of each section and focus on different skill-sets.

The Railway Children is offering a FREE pre-show educational program for the weekday matinees beginning May 25th. The program will take place in the Roundhouse Theatre beginning at 10:45am on the scheduled dates.


A 45-minute, fast moving, interactive, presentation taking you from the present back in time to the early 1900s, the time of The Railway Children. A look at the story’s relevance to our own history, from the concept of socialism to the importance of trains and travel to the growth of Toronto. A look at the staging, costumes and special effects employed in this extraordinary and inventive production.